Notice to Members

The Indianhead Credit Union has four Board of Directors positions up for election in 2023, the terms are three years for 3 positions and 1 year for one position. The nominating committee placed in nomination the following individuals for the Board of Directors:

Michael Ostrenga-3-year term
Richard Hartmann-3-year term
Larry Avery-3-year term
Amy Gehrmann – 1-year term

The nominating committee consisted of Richard Mooney, Karen Sohn and Renee Zimmerman

You are hereby advised of your right under Article V, Section 4 of the Credit Union’s bylaws to submit to the Chairperson on or before March 15, 2023, a petition requesting your nomination as a nominee to the Credit Union’s Board of Directors. Your petition must be signed by at least one hundred (100) members eligible to vote at meetings of the members of the Credit Union.

Please submit any nomination petitions to Renee Zimmerman, Nominating Committee, P O Box 100, Spooner, WI 54801 or fax 715-635-6913; email