A Message from the President

Dear Members:

Indianhead Credit Union is monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and is ready to take the necessary precautions needed to protect our members, families and staff. We understand the concerns and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the virus, and Indianhead Credit Union is committed to your needs as this situation evolves. We will continue to closely monitor and implement the current safety protocols from the CDC and our local government.

Right now, all our lobbies are open and ready to help our members as needed. To protect members and our staff, Indianhead Credit Union has taken the following precautions:

1. Hand sanitizers, disinfectants and other items will be available to staff and members at all locations. You may notice staff members frequently cleaning commonly touched items such as door knobs, keyboards, computers, workstations, etc. We are heightening our cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

2. We have advised employees that if they or their family members feel ill, we highly encourage them to stay home. We are following CDC guidance for employees if they have been in contact with someone who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

3. We are implementing social distancing, where there is a 6-foot distance between all individuals.

Contact us. If you are experiencing a financial hardship due to this situation, or expect that you will as events unfold, please let us know. Indianhead Credit Union is here to help you.

Kathy Berndt

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