Hal: 24-Hour Phone Teller

Call 715-635-7806 or 1-888-267-8119, if long distance.Have a touch-tone telephone, then you can access your ICU account via telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hal will allow the following transactions:

HAL Phone Banking

Use HAL for 24/7 banking convenience!

  • General Information
  • Statement Information
  • Savings Rates
  • Loan Rates
  • Loan Payment Calculator
  • Member Account Information
  • Balance Information
  • Check Clearing
  • Last Dividend
  • Transfer Funds, within your base number
  • Transaction history
  • Payroll Deduction information
  • Check withdrawal

Reference Guide for Hal

Call 715-635-7806 or 1-888-267-8119

1. Account Balance & History

1. Current Balances

  1. Savings Balance
  2. Draft Balance
  3. Line of Credit Loan Balance
  4. Balance Any Suffix
  5. List All Loans

2. History of Deposits

  1. Direct Deposit – Savings
  2. All Deposit – Savings
  3. Direct Deposit – Draft
  4. All Deposit – Draft
  5. All Deposit – Any Suffix

3. History of Withdrawals

  1. W/D – Draft
  2. ATM W/D – Savings
  3. ATM W/D – Draft
  4. ACH W/D – Savings
  5. ACH W/D – Draft
  6. All W/D – Any Suffix

4. YTD Dividends and Interest

  1. YTD Div – Savings
  2. YTD Div – Draft
  3. YTD Int – LOC Loan
  4. YTD Div/Int – Any Suffix

5. Cleared Draft Inquiry

  1. Draft Withdrawals
  2. Single Cleared Draft

6. List All Loans

7. Complete Acct History

2. Perform Transfers & Withdrawals

1.  Perform Transfers

  1. Savings to Draft
  2. Draft to Savings
  3. Line of Credit Advance to Draft
  4. Transfer Between Suffixes
  5. Transfer to Another Account

2.  Perform Check Withdrawals

  1. Check W/D – Savings
  2. Check W/D – Draft
  3. Check W/D – Any Suffix
  4. Enter Stop Payment
3. Calculate Loan Payment
4. Special Services
  1. Change PIN
  2. Change Account
  3. List All Loans
  4. Enter Stop Payments
5. Current Interest & Dividend Rates
[panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] Guidance
[/panel-header] [panel-content] To access Hal for the first time, you will need your base account number and your social security number. You will be prompted to enter them on your touch-tone phone and set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your choosing.

Please change your PIN if you ever feel your account has been compromised.

Do not give out your PIN to anyone. If you give out your PIN to a joint owner on your account, that person will have access to all your accounts with the same base number via Hal.

To change your PIN, call into Hal using your current PIN, Select option 4 for Special Services, Select option 1 to change PIN.

You can access only the accounts with the same base number you entered during the call. If you are a primary member on more than one account, you will need to have a PIN for each account you want to access via Hal. You may use the same PIN for more than one account.

You will only be able to transfer funds to accounts with the same base number you entered during the call.

If a check is requested, it will be sent to the primary member at the address we have on record.

Note: Menus will also provide three additional functions:
9 – Play Help Message
* – Drop to Main Menu
0 – Transfer to Teller
(These functions will be available from any menu, but to avoid repetition, will only be described on menu #1.)
[/panel-content] [/panel]