Lost Debit or ATM Card

To Report Your Debit or ATM Card Lost or Stolen

  • Indianhead Credit Union Spooner Office: 1-800-645-9391
  • Indianhead Credit Union Grantsburg Office: 1-866-836-4533
  • 24 Hour Help: 1-833-337-6075

You may also call our Spooner office at 1-715-635-8273 during ICU’s normal office hours, fax us at 1-715-635-6913 or write to us at PO Box 100 Spooner, WI 54801 to report the unauthorized use of the card.


For Mobile Banking App Users

You can control the status of your debit card through our mobile app.

Indianhead Credit Union’s Mobile App offers you the ability to temporarily disable (turn off) and/or re-enable (turn on) your card based on predetermined parameters, such as location, transaction type, merchant type and amount. This can be a big help if you misplace your card, but more importantly it can be a powerful tool to reduce fraud.

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